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Uvajaemi posetiteli, tozi forum svoboden, t.e. vseki moje da chete suobshteniyata v nego, da se registrira napulno svobodno i da uchastva v discusiite. Forumut e svurzan s mejdunaroden proekt - Bulgaria-Romania - zatova v nego shte se izpolzva latinica i kirilica. Za da uchastvate v diskusiite tryabva da imate registraciya. Vuzmojnostite na forum NTTCENTRES! - zapazvate sobstven psevdonim (nick) - edinstveno vie mojete da polzvate vashiya psevdonim - nikoj ne moje da pishe ot vashe ime - mojete da redaktirate ili iztrivate vashi suobshteniya - mojete da postavite avtomatichen podpis, kojto da se poyavyava sled vsyako vashe suobshtenie- mojete da publikuvate informaciya vuv vruzka s temi zasyagashti socialnoto i ikonomichesko razvitie na obshtinite Novo selo i Giurgita - da poluchavate otgovori na vashi suobshteniya - opredelyate nachina, po kojtro da se podrejdat vashite suobshteniya- da izprashtate i poluchavate lichno adresirani suobshteniya - da imate sobstveni nastrojki, koito avtomatichno da se zarejdat pri vlizane vuv forumaImajte predvid, che sudurjanieto na temite i diskusiite e strogo specializirano, kasaeshto proekt “Networking tourism and training centres in Novo Selo and Giurgita”. Ne e preporuchitelno vuv foruma da se diskutirat temi s politicheska, etnicheska i druga nasochenost, koyato eventualno bi narushila dobriya ton mejdu potrebitelite. Izpolzvaneto na necenzurni dumi e absolutno zabraneno. Zabraneno e i publikuvaneto na statii ili URL linkove s erotichno ili pornografsko sudurjanie. Za reklamna i biznes informaciya e preporuchitelno da se izpolzva tematichniya sektor vuv foruma.Administratorite na foruma si zapazvat pravoto da iztrivat registrirani potrebiteli, zloupotrebyavashti s foruma, kakto i da redaktirat ili iztrivat mneniya na registrirani potrebiteli, neotgovaryashti na usloviyata za uchastie................................................................Dear visitors, this forum is an open one, i.e. anyone can read messages, register for free and participate in the discussions. This forum is connected with an international project - Bulgaria-Romania - therefore it will allow writing both in latin and cyrilic. In order to participate in discussions you need to register. What the NTTCENTRES forum offers! - using a personal pseudonym (nick) - be the sole user of this pseudonym - nobody else can write by using your pseudonym - you can edit and/or delete your own messages - you can place an automatic signature, which to appear after every message you leave- you can publish information on topics concerning the social and economic development of the municipalities of Novo selo and Giurgita - you can receive responses to your messages - you can define the way, in which your messages should be displayed - you can have your own personal settings, which load every time you enter the forumPlease, note that the contents of the discussions and topics is strictly specialized, connected to project “Networking tourism and training centres in Novo Selo and Giurgita”. It is not advisable to use the forum for discussing political, ethnic or other topics, which might violate the good manners in the communciation between users. Using obscenities is absolutely forbidden. Forbidden is also the publishing of articles and/or URL links to erotic or pornographic content. For promotions, advertising and business information it is advisable to use the specialized thematic sector in the forum. The forum administrators keep the right to delete registered users who are misusing the forum, as well as to edit or delete opinions of registered users, which do not meet the participation rules.